How To Use Snapchat

Download and sign up…

Snapchat can be downloaded for free! What a bargain! After installation open on your phone. A login option will appear for current accounts or create a new one.  Creating a free new account is as easy as, taping “Sign Up.” You’ll be asked to enter your email address, password and birthday, tap the “Sign Up” button and were ready to SNAP!

Contacts Abound…

Of course you’ll want to find and add friends.  To assist in this the app uses numbers from your address book. Before access select “OK” when the prompt appears.

A choice will be given to add all your contacts who are on Snapchat, or select one person at a time. If you know their username type into the search tool on the “My Friends” tab.

Viewing your friends, adding and searching for other Snap users can be seen in “My Friends”. Swipe right or tapping on the three lines located the bottom right corner of the camera screen will find the page.

After all this searching how do I finally add my friends?  Tap the icon person with a plus sign found in the top-right corner. From there you can see people who have Snapchat account from your address book. You can then add them by tapping the plus symbol. Plus is Add…get it?

To locate find users by username alone, tap on the magnifying glass.

If your curious who added you to their friend list, (and who wouldn’t be?!) tap the person icon with a plus sign next to it.

Another fun way to add is tap the little ghost at the top. This is a neat way to easily and magically add friends if you are in the same room.  To add them pull up the little ghost, take a snap of their screen ghost and they will be automatically added to your friends list via the use QR codes

We can use our Snap Two different ways to use once downloaded

Send video or Message, My Stories….

One…send video messages to friends or post to “my stories” much like a standard messaging app. Post Photos or snippets of video from your day.  Think in terms of a running real-time feed for the past 24 hours. And if the quality is only so-so the content will only be on the app for 24 hours after its download. So the pressure is off.

When you open app the after downloading the first image/ Screen you see is the camera. This is the main way you will communicate and share.

The front facing camera can be turned around by tapping the mini camera in the upper right.


It’s time to create your snap…

To take a Snap picture simply press the large center button.

Before you send your Snap Set a time limit. Your receipt will be able to view your picture for up to 10 seconds. Simply adjust the time limit, find the stopwatch and tap the icon at the bottom-left corner and select the time.

Once you’re ready to send off, tap the arrow found in the bottom right-hand corner. Your contact list will appear, thereafter select the lucky recipient. As far as limits as to how many you can send the Snap picture to there are none… so send as many as you wish.  Hit send by tapping the arrow on the bottom-right corner.

How do I see if my recipient has opened my masterpiece? Once it’s been opened and viewed a triangle (photos) or square (videos) icon next to your friend’s name will not be filled in. If the Snap has been sent but not opened a filled-in icon will be present.


snapchat-gif-1 (1)

source: Gary Vaynerchuck


To make a video hold down the center button. This makes/ creates your video.

After you shoot you can add text/ emoji’s by tapping the “T” in the upper right of the screen. A number of cool extras can be added. Emoji’s can be used or you can change the size of the text or line of text by tapping the “T”. You then can drag the text into different positions with your finger. So be creative.

If you’re feeling your inner Pascoe you can draw on the screen or use a filter by swapping to the left. As you swipe you see the effects of the various filters.

You can choose tags to add as you swipe from the “temperature”, “time”, “location” or even how fast you’re going as you are creating your video.

When you’re ready to share your image click on the arrow on the bottom right. Next choose who to share it with either a private message or add it to your “story”.

If you are curious and wish to watch other “stories” you can see them in your stories list. There you can view video from all over. Click on one and watch. Tap the screen to scroll through the 15 second video. Had enough…To exit simply swipe down.

At the top of the page you will see “my story”.

When you click on the three aligned dots on the to the right You can open up and see all the content you added today to “my story”

From there you can see the number of people that have viewed each part.

What’s that? Not happy with a post and want to delete? If you change your mind about posting and want to delete simply hit the mini X in the lower right. After pressing a pop-up screen will come up to confirm “delete snap”.

Hit delete and it’s gone from your story (I wish I had this feature when I was dating)

Download & Save Stories…

You can also download stories to your phone if there are things you want to save.

By clicking the down pointing arrow to the right of “my story” you can downloaded the video as one file or if you click on the arrow on the bottom right during the video you can download an individual piece.  The screen will flash it’s “saved to camera” roll to let you know its saved.


To see who has watched the video before you click the arrows on the bottom center.


What something new….


Finding new content is absorb is as easy as swiping two times past “your story” to the left and find the “Discover page”.

From there you will see specific contributors who are updating content daily.

Click on one to see content they have posted.

If you see something of interest drag through by swiping left.

When something catches your eye as you drag swipe up to view full content of the article.

Snap Chat Keeps Score….

Make your experience like a game. A Snapchat Score is the total number of snaps you have sent and received. To view this score, go to the page where you view the snaps you have received. Tap “Snapchat” at the top, and see your score appear. This score reveals two numbers in the format “sent” and “received.”